Ever been to Candyass Cottage?

I’ll bet you have been to Candyass Cottage and didn’t even realize you were there!  If, however, you are a member of the Denver Judo Club and have missed practice in the past few weeks, you have more than likely been accused of visiting Candyass Cottage.  If you have missed more than one practice in a row you have probably been accused of paying rent at “The Cottage.”

ca_cottage_backI don’t remember the exact conversation, but we had a few guys miss practice on Friday night a few weeks ago after telling us they would be there and we were talking trash about why they were not in  practice    One of the guys is really into skiing so I believe it was my wife who suggested he might be in the mountains, and I looked up and said something along the lines of “He is in Candyass Cottage, that’s where he is!”  I don’t know where it came from, it was just the first thought that came to me.  I’m not usually so quick witted, I think of all kinds of cool retorts to comments but usually way too late to be funny.  Everyone there  erupted   and we could not stop laughing and talking about the new establishment I had just created, so of course we all took to Facebook to tell the guys we were talking about of their new status as residents of Candyass Cottage.

The joke has gone so far that  my wife went to Zazzle.com and created a t-shirt with Denver Judo on the front and a picture of a candy house on the back with the text that reads” Get Out of Candyass Cottage And Get on the Mat!”  We have already sold several of them and mine should be here this Friday!  I will be sure to post pictures of the group when we get our shirts.

One last story about  “The Cottage ” before I end.  This past Friday we had a good workout but  attendance  was low so I made the comment that there must have been a pot luck at the Candyass Cottage and those of us in  practice  had not been invited.  One of our guys wrote to tell me he was not coming to practice because of a shoulder injury he has been nursing and that he would be buy to pick up the keys to “The Cottage” at 5.  I  text-ed  back and told him I didn’t have the keys because I have never been to Candyass Cottage.  Of course I didn’t tell him, but I believe that at some point in our lives we have all been to Candyass Cottage.  The important thing is not to get too comfortable there of you will find out how hard it is to get out of Candyass Cottage once you start paying rent!

I know there wasn’t a lot of judo but we have had a great deal of fun with this in the dojo and I just had to share it with you.  If you would like a “Get Out of Candyass Cottage” t-shirt you can get yours at  ttp://www.zazzle.com/get_on_the_mat-235516671540914473.

Talk to you soon…

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