Great practice last night

Practice attendance is often a little light the Monday after a tournament.  Last night we had about 16 people on the mat including 7 black belts.  Not a huge group but not a small one either.

We started the night as always with warm-ups and stretching then we spent a little time working on defending my favorite throw, drop seoi nage.  I had some reservations about doing this because as I said it is my favorite throw, and I don’t compete anymore so randori (sparring) in the dojo is my only chance to throw people.  So you can understand my reluctance in teaching my students how to stop my best attack.  As a coach, however , it is my duty to help my students prepare for competition, and part of that preparation is helping them, not only with throwing but also with being able to defend against being thrown.  One of our competitors has been having trouble with getting caught with drop seoi nage lately and got caught a few times at the Northglenn tournament this past weekend so I talked to him and we decided I would go over defending that throw.  We will probably, at least with him, spend a little more time working on it in preparation for the upcoming USA Judo Senior National Championships in Virginia Beach, VA.

After the technical session we usually start with ne waza (ground fighting) then go into tachi waza (standing fighting) but since we had spent the time working on stoping drop seoi nage, and because I sometimes get carried away with the amount of grappling time, we went straight into tachi waza.  So we spend the entire last hour doing tachi waza.  It was a great workout and while I did not go every round I did most of them.  While I no longer compete I still very much enjoy judo and sparring and I can also work with students during the round if they are having trouble with something.  When working with one of our guys who is much taller than me, I showed him a way to stop what I was doing to control his grip and to turn it into a big throw.  I had hime walk through it a few times to see what I was talking about then we resumed randori.  I was hoping it would be a throw he could use as a secondary go to throw when faced with a similar situation, but was I was not expecting is that he would blast me with it during that round.  He  is a good fighter and already know the throw but this was a different way to enter into the throw.  I was not expecting to end up on my back with him grinning at me when it worked.  Made me a little proud though, a little sore too!

It ended up being one of those workouts that you go home from feeling really tired but feeling really good too.

Great workout with some great people!  I love Judo!


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2 thoughts on “Great practice last night

  1. KevinCohen

    We also had a few people missing for our first practice after the tournament, but we had a few visitors, so that made up for it. Like you, we did an hour of randori, and I also didn’t do every round, but I managed 2/3 of them. I managed 4 throws, which is pretty good for me, but otherwise got thoroughly trounced and hurt like hell today. 🙂 Glad to find your blog–it showed up on LinkedIn.

    • judoScott Post author

      Hey Kevin,
      Thanks for visiting the site and for your comment. It was good to see you on Sunday. It’s pretty much par for the course to have a light practice after a tournament, with Nationals coming up next week I expect tonight to be a good one too. I’m just getting over being sore from Monday!

      Thanks again for your comment and I hope to see more of you on here.


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