So proud of my club!

Denver Judo - Northglenn TournamentToday my club, Denver Judo, participated in the Northglenn Judo Championships, in Northglenn, CO..  We took  people to the tournament and brought home 11 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze medals!  Because this was a senior E level point three of our senior players, Alyssa Gilkey (78 kg), Kedge Zawack (90 kg) and Tony Magno (81 kg) are now on the USA Judo national point roster, and Tony is a only an orange belt, for now!  As a team we finished 2nd  behind the host club, Northglenn.

While I am happy about the medals and the club finishing 2nd, I am so proud of howwie Denver Judo - Northglenn Tournamenthard everyone fought.  We had a lot of novice players who were fighting in their first tournament and they all did a fantastic job.  Everyone won matches and seemed to enjoy the experience.

As a coach there is nothing better than seeing your students go to a tournament and use the things they have been working on in practice.  I want to thank all our students for working so hard and our coaches for giving so much of themselves.  Heidi Denver Judo - Northglenn TournamentMoore, Steeve Alvaro, Dave Wise, Lisa Zuniga, and Keith Lewis, thank you all!

Until next time,

Train Hard,

Welcome to All About Judo

Hi! Thanks for visiting All About Judo. This is my first  attempt at a blog so please bear with me. For my first past I just  wanted to tell you about the site and myself. I set out to create a  site to provide a resource for judo which it will be but as I was  working on the site the blog became a bigger part of the site than  I had initially intended. My though is that under the Scott’s Stories  category I will talk about my experiences through judo.

I would also like to have others blog about their experiences.  Because I am a former Paralympian I thought I would create a  Paralympic Judo category and ask other Paralympians and even  Paralympic hopefuls to post in this section. I will ask them to  post at least once but will hope some will blog regularly. Because  I am still involved and travel with the Paralympic judo program  many of my blogs posts will be about my travels with the team but I
will also share some of my experiences from my past as well.

Ok, so  a little about myself. My name is Scott Moore and I have had some  amazing experiences through the sport of judo. I was introduced to  judo in college in 1988. A friend and former wrestling teammate  called me when I was a senior in high school and told me about his  judo club at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now  University of Louisiana Lafayette). He told me it was a lot like  wrestling and thought I would love it. I had hoped to walk onto the  Wrestling team at LSU but they canceled their wrestling program  when I was a junior. I went to Lafayette to visit my friend and to  see what judo was all about. When I got home I told my mother I  wanted to go to USL and she said why. I told her because they have  a judo club and when she asked, “What is judo?”, I said “I don’t  now but it looks really cool. So, in the fall of 1988 I started  college and Judo, and what a ride it has been.

As I said before I  am a former Paralympian. In case you don’t know Paralympic means  Parallel to the Olympics. It is the Olympics for people with  physical disabilities. I am visually impaired and while I also  competed in regular tournaments against sighted judo athletes  (judoka), I also competed in 3 Paralympic Games and 6 World  Championships for blind and visually impaired athletes. In 1992  after I had been in judo for 4 years I saw an article about the  Paralympic Judo team in a judo magazine and the Paralympic judo  coach at the time, Larry Lee contacted my Sensei, Connie Lavergne,  and asked to come to our club to do a clinic and to meet me.

I went  to my first camp in February of 1993 thinking, “how tough can these  blind guys by?” Well, I found out. I was in Denver for 4 days and  came home with a fractured rib and bruised from head-to-toe! I told  my Sensei that I need to pick it up and train harder. I fought in  my first World Championships in 1995 in Colorado Springs and won a  bronze medal at 86kg. After that I cut down to 71kg and won a  bronze medal at my first Paralympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. In  1998 I won the World Championships in Madrid, Spain then moved to  Denver, Colorado to train with Larry Lee full-time to prepare for  the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney. I also had the goal of  becoming nationally ranked among sighted athletes which I did in
1999 after training with Larry and going to the Olympic Training  Center twice a week for a year. It was a hard road. I almost moved  back home after 4 months. The only time I was not working was when  I was in judo or the weight room or running and I hated my job.

At  the US Open in 1998, after being in Denver for about 3 months I met  the love of my life, Heidi Seibold (Heidi Moore), who was there  from Oregon. So I would get home from work at 11 and talk to her on  the phone until 1 a.m. then get up at 6 and start all over again.  We saw each other at training camps and tournaments, and during  periodic visits to Denver or Oregon. In 1999 she moved to Denver  and we were married in June of 2000, just a few months before the  2000 Paralympic Games.

On October 20, 2000 I became the first  American to win a gold medal in either Olympic or Paralympic judo!  So as you can imagine, 2000 was a good year for me! Our son Jordan  was born in 2003 and is currently an orange belt in judo.

In 1999,  Larry Lee made me the head coach of his club at the University of  Denver. Heidi and I have been coaching at Denver  Judo since she moved to Denver in 1999. In 2005 we moved  the club off campus to it’s current location near downtown Denver.

Since then I won two more bronze medals, one in the 2002 World  Champions in Rome, Italy and one in the 2004 Paralympic Games in  Athens Greece. After Athens I retired from competition. I was  talked into coming back in 2006 but retired again after the Para
Pan American Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when I missed  making the 2008 Paralympic team. I ended up going to Beijing  anyway, as the assistant coach where I was able to coach some of my  former team mates.

In 2009 I began serving as the head coach of the  Paralympic judo program working closely with USA Judo to build as  strong a team as possible for the 2012 Paralympic Games in London!  I was the head coach in London where Myles Porter and Dartanyon  Crockett won silver and bronze medals respectively.

Ok, I’m getting  long here and there is a lot more I could say but just wanted to  give you a brief glimpse at who I am so if you are kind enough to  read my future blogs you will know at least a little of who I am.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to any comments!

Talk  to you soon,